Backwall with counterFolding Backwall Display System

Here is a premier, heavy-duty panel kit for your displays. This unit locks solidly together to give you a beefy wall to display your graphics and information. In either the Tabletop size or the Exhibit height, the this exhibit will save the day for your panel display needs. This exhibit offers the convenience of folding panels with elegant, seamless panel construction. This system offers concealed hinges, lightweight durability and superb craftsmanship.


Portable with triangle counter Panels are constructed of an ultralight core material and covered on both sides with polyester fabric. Full height exhibits can be used separately as two tabletop units! The unique 2" curved ends lend a polished appearance.


The 10' Exhibit Kit contains a five panel folding base with fabric on both sides, a five panel folding top with fabric on both sides, a 44.875" w x 11.718" h header, a counter assembly and 4 curved end caps. When assembled, this Exhibit Kit stand 94.75" tall.

There are plenty of other configurations available to suit any need. Contact us for specs and pricing.

Folded PanelsInstalling The Header6 panel display